Hand in Hand Atlanta is an interfaith group that meets every first Tuesday of the month at Atlanta Unity Church in an effort to come together as a community in spite of our differences.

Our monthly discussions involve suggestions on how we can be more united and less divided, how we can help others, and how we can love each other, in spite of political differences, religious differences, differences of sexuality, race, class, etc.

We know that we all have a lot more in common than we do separating us. In today’s harsh political climate, it can sometimes be difficult to get along with our brothers and sisters, and we think it’s very important that we find ways to come together as a community.

Our monthly discussions are always civil, and we always respect each other. We often disagree with each other, but we hear each other’s opinions and hold the space to be together. We believe in unity above all. We believe that everyone is on their right and perfect path, and we think that everyone is exactly where they need to be.

Twice a year, we host social gatherings where we get to put some of our ideas into practice.

So stop by one of our monthly discussion meetings and let us know your ideas! We are waiting to hear from you!